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PT. TUCAN PUMPCO SERVICES INDONESIA (TPSI) Services Company is a leading provider of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Well Services with the principal activity in providing advanced technology and pumping services to the state-owned and private sector petroleum industry. The Company operates in two countries; Venezuela and Indonesia. Our main services consist of cementing and stimulation services used in development and exploration of oil, gas and geothermal wells and in remedial work on existing wells both onshore and offshore.

2004: Tucan Petroleum Services Venezuela was synonymous with excellence and innovation from 1997 in the Venezuelan Oil Industry. Based on this background, Tucan established a joint venture company with Indonesian local partner in order to expand the services worldwide.

2005: The Joint Venture Company was established as Indonesian Oil Well Cementing Company called “PT. Tucan Pumpco Services Indonesia”.

2006: Tucan Pumpco Services Indonesia (“TPSI”) signed a USD 4.5 million loan agreement with Overseas Private Investment Corporation to finance the company’s oil well cementing and stimulations services across Indonesia.

TPSI started hiring high level personnel with national and international experience in the Oil Well Services Industry to provide Cementing and Stimulations activities in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Based on the good reputation for the reliable services and the demand of more equipment to meet the needs of new project; by middle of 2006, TPSI had a total of five (5) cementing set equipment units and one (1) fracture equipment unit, each supported by Pumping Units, Batch-mixer/Blenders, Pressurized Cement Tank, Acid/Water Tank, Cutting Pod, Air Compressor, Down Hole Tools, nitrogen unit, software-hardware monitoring and operating system that can be used for Cementing, Stimulation, Fracturing, Gravel Pack and other well services.

2007 TPSI provides services to state-owned and private sector oil, gas and geothermal companies as well in South Sumatra and North Sumatra. Based on the growing reputation came from uncompromisingly reliable service, TPSI increases its equipment units up to seven (7) cementing set equipment units and one (1) fracture equipment unit to fulfill the needs of each project.
2008 TPSI under the continuous improvement program creates a new company reorganization to complete the implementation of its new Enterprise Division "TNT – TUCAN NEW TECHNOLOGY”. TNT as the innovation arm of the company has developed new cementing additives and techniques for its use , and acidizing and matrix stimulations solutions for Oil, Gas and Geothermal Wells.

In the middle of 2008, TPSI is providing oil, gas and geothermal services in 3 (three) out the 5 (Five) biggest Operation Areas of Indonesia with Main Office in Jakarta. At this moment, TPSI owns ten (10) cementing set equipment units and one (1) fracture equipment unit to become one of the largest “Local” independent service companies in Indonesia.


Head Office : Wisma Raharja 6th Floor – Zone A Jl. Letjen. TB Simatupang Kav. 1 Cilandak Timur,
Jakarta Selatan 12560 Phone: 62-21-78847216 (hunting) Fax: 62-21-78843818