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The cementing operations require a right equipment, a right slurry design and a team of cementing professionals.

We offer cementing equipment for every situation. Our “TNT – TUCAN NEW TECHNOLOGY” division has evaluated and used the whole technology and available resources from the most popular branches in Pumping and Blender Units to provide equipments that are adjusted to each type of job.

TPSI had designed and built equipment to provide high reliability and power. All TPSI Equipment fulfill the Oil & Gas standard regulations, requirements and has been inspected by American, Venezuela and Indonesian institution to certify it.

TNT Twin Cementer and Pumpers Equipment are designed for:
• Cementing and Stimulation Services
• High, Intermediate and Low Range pumping services to be applied depending on the type of job.

TNT Batch-Mixer and Blender Equipment are designed for:
• Cementing and Stimulation Services
• High, Intermediate and Low continuous slurry range mixing to be applied depending on the type of job.

“The hydraulically driven triplex pump lets you control flow rates and pressures. Two directly driven centrifugal pumps enable high-energy mixing.”



PT TUCAN PUMPCO SERVICES INDONESIA is continuously developing and implementing new technology methods and providing additional economic value for its customers. This economic value is achieved by improving slurries designs, maximizing local contents, reducing operational cost, minimizing health, safety and environmental risks and most importantly, helping the customers to optimize revenues by garanting good cementing results to accelerate production (CBL).

Our company continues to build on the industry's longest track record of providing oil well technology to develop new advancements - from reservoir to surface. PT. TUCAN PUMPCO SERVICES INDONESIA has always invested significant time and money on research and engineering as a long-term strategy to support and grow its technology leadership.

The company has completed the implementation of its new Enterprise Division “TNT – TUCAN NEW TECHNOLOGY.”

TNT as the innovation arm of the company has developed new cementing additives and techniques for their use, acidizing and matrix stimulation solutions for Oil, Gas and Geothermal Wells.

TNT Division has so far been able to:

  • Reduce Gel Strength
  • Improve cement Thickening Time
  • Reduce slurry density
  • Reduce cement costs
  • Prevent segregation of solids
  • Accelerate set-times
  • Reduce free water in normal & heavy weight cements
  • Improve the filtration reduction rate and reduce the fluid permeability of cement filter cake
  • Improve the viscosity of cement slurry
  • Promote early compressive strength
  • Improve the cement bond at the cement-formation and cement-asing interface

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